Baptism is usually for Children and can be for adults, although most have been baptised and are received into the Church at a special ceremony. Infant baptism is shortly after birth, usually around three months. The parents take on the responsibility of bringing the child up in the Catholic faith and are expected to have a living and practising faith.

Communion is usually first received in year 3. Children are prepared in the parish in classes in the children’s chapel and the hall.

Reconciliation is available on Saturday or if requested.

Confirmation is usually celebrated every two years in Autumn. Young people in year 8 and 9 are invited to receive this sacrament.

Marriage between two Catholics or a Catholic and a non Catholic can be arranged with the help of the Parish Priest even if the couple are marrying in another Church. Catholics are expected to marry in a Church, if the marriage has taken place in a registry office a ceremony of Convalidation (commonly called a blessing) is needed for the marriage to be regarded as a valid sacrament. Couples need to provide evidence of baptism (a recent copy of the baptism certificate is needed) and that they are free to marry. If marrying in St Winefride’s the local registrar needs to be consulted. The Parish can provide an organist and florist.

Anointing of the sick takes place in Advent and Lent. This is a sacrament of strengthening intended for the sick, rather than the dying. Hospital chaplains will also use this sacrament even if there is no danger of death.

Ordination is for those who feel called to the priesthood or religious life. Please see the parish priest or respond to one of the notices on the board.